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Since May 2018, Melbourne post-punk outfit PINCH POINTS have played clean, angular guitar harmonies and heavy mechanical riffs, belting-out group-vocals, all at a turbo-punk speed. J. Edward Keyes of Bandcamp Daily described their sound as ‘a barbed-wire coil of sound that’s as loose and springy as it is dangerously serrated’.

PINCH POINTS are currently in the midst of their release campaign for their LP ‘Moving Parts’ that released May 31 through Roolette Records (AUS, USA), Six Tonnes de Chair (France), and Burger Records (USA), the follow-up release to internationally acclaimed and now sold-out cassette ‘ MECHANICAL INJURY ’ from July 2018 which ended up being 1 of 4 Australian albums included in Bandcamp's ' Best 100 releases 2018 ’.

MOVING PARTS sees the band explore heavier, faster and more technical styles. Usual elements still abound: clean guitars through maxed compression pedals, competing vocals, consistent drum fills and roaring bass, but every element has been stretched beyond the limitations of MECHANICAL INJURY.

PINCH POINTS maintain their DIY approach, having recorded and mixed the LP in their Coburg house, and created their own artwork.



Moaning Lisa is the product of four Canberra natives who find purpose in making loud noises together.
Their music operates on the edge of the grunge genre: somewhere between composed restraint and fuzzed-out, life-affirming alternative rock. Moaning Lisa create an atmosphere entirely of their own in their raucous live shows which has seen them support the likes of Mitski, DZ Deathrays, Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever and more.
Their second EP, ‘Do You Know Enough?’ caught the attention of triple j and US label, Father/Daughter Records, the latter of which whom went on to release the EP in North America.



Moody Beaches, post-punk grunge trio from Melbourne, Australia.

Harmony-driven, fuzzed-out, post-punk grunge trio Moody Beaches are a brooding force.

Raw, and at times - scathing, Moody Beaches channels the loud-quiet-loud dynamic of early Pixies and the harmony-driven vocal hooks of The Breeders. Rising from Melbourne’s punk-rock underbelly, Moody Beaches are making waves with international audiences through touring their releases on both Poison City Records and Beast Records.

The band are fresh off the back of performing at Binic Folks Blues Festival (France), as part of a French tour to promote their European release split release with Mod Con on France’s Beast Records.

A recent headline Australia and New Zealand tour and support slots for bands such as Dead Kennedy’s and The Bennies continue to forge them a strong reputation as a vital addition to Australia’s DIY scene.

Their debut LP, Weird Friends released on Poison City Records in 2018 - captures the loud and urgent delivery that the band is known for in Australia. Singles Guns, Weird Friends and Modes have been widely embraced, Australian, New Zealand and European radio.



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